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We believe in putting the safety and well being of patients and staff above our profit margins.

What We Offer


ICRA Compliant Structured Cabling

Cat6, Cat6A, Fiber optic backbone and copper feed cabling.

Medical Proprietary Cabling Installation

We install medical proprietary cabling for products from, Stryker, Siemens, Phillips, and GE Medical.

Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA)

What it means and the importance of proper ICRA Containment units

It is estimated that, 99,000 people die in hospitals every year due to secondary infections contracted during their stays or procedures.


One of these secondary infections is known as cross contamination, which can follow during hospital remodels installments. These infections can derive from ceiling removal, walls, flooring, etc. This process releases agents that may be trapped behind ceilings and walls, and under floors. If not controlled properly, these infectious agents are transmitted through HVAC systems, drafts and feet tracking. This can spread through other areas of the hospital occupied by patients with unhealthy immune systems, meaning, susceptible to secondary infections. 


Teleconnect members use proper equipment and containment units to control pathogens and other secondary infections. The containment units secure airflow, protecting patients and work without disrupting nearby operations


Using containment units properly and following ICRA guidelines, Teleconnect is able to work safely and effectively in all areas of the hospital, including operating rooms.

ICRA Compliant

Containment Units

Curious of what these containment units look like? Here you can get an idea of what an installation or repair in the ducts above will look like.

We are Belden, Ortronics, and Hilti Fire Stop Certified

Fire protection is a critical consideration for architects, engineers and contractors responsible for creating the design, specification and construction of new buildings. It must also be considered in the ongoing maintenance of occupied spaces.

The elements that combine to ignite a fire are largely outside of the architect and engineers’ control; however, steps can be taken to control the spread of fire once it has started. Effective fire control within a building is generally achieved through a combination of active and passive fire protection systems.

Passive fire protection systems are integrated into the structure of a building, restricting the spread of smoke and fire to a compartment that is comprised of fire-rated walls, floors and ceilings. To the extent possible, all penetrations through these fire-rated walls, floors and ceilings should be fire-stopped in accordance to a tested and approved system.

Additionally, all bottom-of-wall, top-of-wall, and wall-to-wall joints in this fire-rated compartment should be fire-stopped in accordance to a tested and approved system. Fire-stop systems are designed to contain fire and minimize the amount of smoke passing through joints and penetrations to allow occupants more time to safely exit the building.

  • Faster Installation Teleconnect’s professional cabling and connectivity products ensure only the best and most high-performance results. Teleconnect’s installation process can be done faster and more efficiently, resulting in our clients saving time and money but also completing work in a safe and professional manner.
  • New Technology Training Teleconnect members are certified cable installers and trained according to the latest, most relevant industry technology and standards – and, through continuing education, they’re kept up to date on changes as they occur. They’re also the first to know about new ways to save time and reduce costs during installation. Teleconnect cable installers are the first to receive training on how to work with new kinds of termination technology and installation methods. Team members only use reliable, easy and versatile termination process for all RJ45 connections – for Category 5e through Category 6A, and shielded and unshielded cables.
  • Less Opportunity for Human Error Teleconnect’s hands-on training certifies the correct way to install and connect cabling infrastructure. Team members do things properly from day one, utilizing training to make things work correctly from the start.
  • Onsite Support Teleconnect works with certified installer partners that have a direct connection to the system engineers and designers who create and stand behind the cabling and connectivity solutions being installed.

Teleconnect’s Ortronics Certification addresses critical design and installation practices. The training and educational program team members received is designed to ensure certified contractors can install and verify a strong network infrastructure.

  •  A select group of contractors are trained and certified throughout North America and across the globe, providing a network of qualified voice, data and infrastructure management installation companies who all guarantee their workmanship.
  • The best consultants, architects and design engineers are supported through training and specification support programs on current and emerging standards and technology.

Teleconnect members are knowledgeable, experienced and well trained. Certified contractors ensure a better return on investment for the end customer’s network investment. Contractor certification is an important component of successful installations that is often overlooked.

Teleconnect team members are trained and certified in all that follows:

  • Support multi-site, certified installation coverage
  • RCDD on staff to ensure standards based solutions
  • Certified and trained technicians for high quality installation
  • Ability to provide value-added solutions
  • Works closely with distributors of choice for seamless logistical support
  • Offers enhanced warranty assurance

TeleConnect is also Certified and Licensed with Florida’s Limited Energy License Patent Privacy.

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Sarasota Memorial Hospital

Doctors Hospital of Sarasota

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