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IPitomy IP1000
The Model 1000 is an IP PBX system for small to mid-sized businesses with up to 50 employees. The IP1000 is an All-In-One VoIP phone system.
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IPitomy IP400

IPitomy IP1000
IPitomy Gateway (400)

Model 400 IP Gateway - Model IP400Gateway - The Gateway is a four port device designed to interface the IP PBX, which is LAN based, with the traditional telephone network. The Model is simple to install and is cost competitive with other devices on the market. Since it is SIP based, it can be used with other SIP based IP PBX systems. The gateway can be configured to connect an IP1000 or IP1500 to an existing legacy PBX system to provide cost effective conferencing, branch office connectivity and support for IP telephones and remote extensions. This can be an effective strategy for businesses that want to extend their investment in a legacy PBX and replace the existing telephones and legacy PBX gradually over time.This allows old phones to be replaced at a gradual rate but still have most of the advantages of IP telephony at a low cost.