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IPitomy IP1000
The Model 1000 is an IP PBX system for small to mid-sized businesses with up to 50 employees. The IP1000 is an All-In-One VoIP phone system.
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IPitomy IP1000

IPitomy IP1000
IPitomy 1000
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The IPitomy IP1000 is an all-in-one business communications system—a cost-effective alternative to proprietary legacy key systems and outdated PBX technology. Don’t let the compact size fool you. With its low price and advanced functionality, the IP1000 is a complete business telephone and communications system featuring voice messaging, automated attendant, music on hold, conference bridge, data router and firewall designed specifically for small office and branch office enterprises. The system includes a web based administration system so set-up and installation is quick and simple. Maintenance is even easier: the simplicity of the system allows most maintenance to be accomplished remotely, reducing service costs and enhancing the speed at which moves, adds and changes can be made. In many cases, a service call is not required as users can make changes without any technical expertise.

More than Just a Phone System
IP1000 handles all of your communications requirements in the office. The IP1000 has the connections for fax machines as well as other devices that require access to phone lines. The data network supports all of your office machines like printers, computers, wireless access points and other networked office equipment. Up to 50 IP telephones can be added to the system. The system can be expanded up to 24 phone lines as well as support for alternative service providers for VoIP service; a cost effective alternative to traditional telephone service. Use of VoIP providers reduces recurring monthly costs and decreases equipment costs. In many cases, adding a T1 with SIP trunk capabilities will also increase the data quality and bandwidth at a surprisingly affordable price.

Quality and Security with Every Call
At IPitomy, quality voice connections are not just an afterthought. IPitomy’s high performance telephone system is capable of providing quality of service technology as well as inclusion of state of the art jitter and echo cancellation not found on more expensive systems. The result is high quality voice transmission on every call.